Thursday, April 11, 2013

Robin Tunney's Answer to the Fans Book!

I've received today Robin's answer to the Fans Book I've sent her last February!
And she also included a special gift with the message, the cross chain Lisbon used to wear during Season 1!
I can't express how awesome that is, it's like holding the most wonderful treasure in my hands!

I will not thank Robin enough for her sweet message, and for the wonderful gift. You are awesome Robin!!

I hope Robin's wrist will heal very soon, and I appreciate even more that she took time to write something despite that! Get well soon Robin! ♥

The Message:

Thank you for the beautiful book! My wrist is broken so I cannot write much.
I have procured Lisbon's cross from season 1 for you as a token of my appreciation.
Lots of love!
xx Robin."



  1. That is great maria so happy for you love bill uk

  2. Amazing. Congratulations, Novella for the great gift you got. You definitely deserve it for all your hard work and devotion as much as Robin deserves what we send her and so much more.

  3. that's so nice!! after the amazing job u've done u deserve it! :D

  4. Thank you both very much! :D

    She really deserves all our love :)

  5. You have the address to send her a letter? Please answer! :D

    1. You can find her fanmail address in the Info/Links Section of this website ;)

  6. Ela é realmente uma pessoa fantástica.Porque será que ela quebrou o pulso será que foi nas gravações?Ela te mandou a cruz usada nas gravações?

  7. WOW You are very lucky

  8. wonderful!! she looks really nice! i hope one day i could meet her in person same as you... i know you will take care of it! have a nice day! :)

  9. If i understand, Robin Tunney did answer one week later after you have sent the book? It was a quickly answer from her! That's wonderful!


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